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Grassroots management starts from the ability to speak up and be bold -- TTC holds the speech contest of production line and supervisor

2017-06-24 11:53

As the grassroots management, the supervisor must have the ability to communicate and implement boldly, to do a good job in the work of uploading and issuing, and to achieve the production goals in quality and quantity. On May 25-26, TTC production line extended class, supervisor level staff speech contest was held in the academic lecture hall. More than 40 supervisors from the production line of various divisions of TTC got together and spoke freely, honing and showing their "speaking" ability in the way of speech.

This speech contest takes the way of time-limited keynote speech, the participants in the production, quality, technology, management, growth and other five aspects of the selected theme to give a live speech. As managers of the production line, participants selected topics to give speeches in their own areas of expertise, such as "I am in the production line", "good quality is made", "I am in the growth of the real" and so on. Their speeches were impassioned and imposing, or eloquent and profound, and some of them choked up at touching points.

Some contestants did not have the experience of live speech, standing on the platform will appear nervous phenomenon, but they were on the court judges and audience applause, courage to carry on the speech to the end, their work, growth and experience to share, the scene from time to time the applause of recognition.

Wang Guiqi, the leader of the mold group from the third department, gave a speech on the theme of "the spirit of the craftsman". In his speech, he said: "The craftsman spirit is not a slogan, nor is it an illusory thing, but should be everyone's working principle -- with the attitude of producing the supreme arts and crafts to treat every work, you will produce unparalleled products, you will be on the other side of success"! Impassioned speech momentum infected the scene of each person, the scene broke out a lasting and warm applause.



Zhu zhanyong said in his speech: "I have been playing for more than ten years. My idea is very simple. As long as I stay in my post one day, I will do a good job. What MAKES me most happy is that I can work, chat and eat with my colleagues around me every day. We are colleagues and family, we are always with the company "! There are not too many gorgeous language, nor too many passionate slogans, but it appears plain and natural, moving people.

In view of the performance of the contestants, Mr. Min, one of the judges of this competition and the manager of the official administration and human resources Department, shared his experience with the contestants during the interval of the competition: to do the grass-roots management, one should be bold to speak and act, and to speak well is to do well. Speech is a kind of performance and experience of oneself, is an expression of feelings. If you are always nervous on stage, how can you face dozens of brothers and sisters under your hand at work? We should have such confidence - I am who I am, I dare to speak up!

A colleague who took part in the competition gave a post-match speech: "I used to talk very little, and I had no experience of speaking on stage. When I went on stage today, I was so nervous that I couldn't go on, and I just wanted to find a hole to get into. However, the judges and colleagues encouraged me with applause, and I finally insisted on finishing my speech. When it was over, I felt relaxed. Anything, as long as you are positive and brave to say and do, you have taken the first step, the grass-roots management of our workshop is to have such a sense."

After a fierce competition, Cha Haoling, Liu Yufang and Li Fei from the three departments won the third prize, Deng Hailong from the five departments and Zhu Zhanyong from the one won the second prize, and Wang Guiqi from the three departments won the first prize alone



Conclusion: I believe that after this long class, supervisor level personnel speech contest, the majority of grass-roots management personnel will have a more in-depth experience and grasp of the spirit of "dare to speak", and this experience and grasp will be well applied to the actual production management work, and then coruscated with great vitality.


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