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Tablet computer or mobile phone, external ultrathin mechanical keyboard big guess

2017-07-15 13:45

Last week, we introduced the ultrathin mechanical axle body of TTC notebook, which caused many netizens to wonder: "Is it possible to have a mechanical keyboard that is easy to carry and does not lose the feel of the mechanical axle body in the future?"

The answer is yes!

When it comes to thin mechanical keyboard, we have to mention the 3.0mm stroke of thin desktop mechanical shaft which is extended between ultra-thin mechanical shaft of laptop and desktop mechanical keyboard keyswitch. It is the KS30G thin mechanical keyboard RGB keyswicth displayed at the "TTC Taipei VIP Meeting" during computex in Taipei.



 KS30G took the blue keyswitch as an example, and compared with the shaft body of the popular desktop machinery as shown in the following figure:



Terms parameter description:
1. Total stroke = distance from the free position of the press handle to the top surface of the glue cover;
2. Trigger stroke = the distance from the free position of the handle to the position where the switch is just on;
3. Trigger pressure = the pressure required from the free position of the handle to the position where the switch is just on;
4. Paragraph pressure = pressure required from the free position of the press handle to the top surface of the glue cover;
5. Free position = distance from the upper surface position of the handle to the upper surface of the PCB.

It can be seen that the TTC thin mechanical keyboard has a shorter stroke when the RGB shaft and the traditional shaft have little change in feel pressure, which means that the trigger is faster. Moreover, KS30G is nearly half as thin as the traditional shaft body, only 8.8mm, which means that with the PVB board, the overall height is controlled within 11mm, so the realization of portable and do not want to abandon the mechanical cannot describe the feel of the mechanical keyboard is only equipped with a TTC thin mechanical keyboard RGB keyswitch.

At this point, you may have to ask, "Why do you want to emphasize the RGB keyswitch when the ultra-thin keyswitch is ok?" . Let's go back to the first KS30G picture, which is the KS30G axis body light schematic.



In the above mechanical drawing, the position numbered 4 is KS30G projection lamp sheet. LED colored lights are placed on the PCB board layer. The light is illuminated intensively upward through the TTC patented light guide column structure from the center of the axis body, and all RGB colors are perfectly presented through the light sheet without light leakage.



KS30G light transmission effect

It is not easy to design and develop the ultra-thin keyswitch which is nearly half thinner than the traditional keyswitch, why TTC still insist on developing the more difficult intermediate optical keyswitch? After the rapid development of mechanical keyboard, we found that, in the pursuit of use experience at the same time, many customers would rather spend more money to buy more gorgeous and colorful RGB lamp effect mechanical keyboard, RGB lamp effect is also a very important feature of mechanical keyboard is different from film keyboard. Therefore, after TTC research and development team carefully designed, KS30G ultra-thin desktop mechanical keyboard RGB shaft body appeared. TTC manufacturing is not willing to mediocre, to do the best product, even if the competitors one step ahead of what?

Can an external mechanical keyboard be thinner?
It can.

TTC is the earliest enterprise in the industry to develop and design ultra-thin notebook shaft. Since 2015, it has completed the research and development of ultra-thin shaft body of 5.3mm, 6.5mm, 6.9mm and 7.5mm. If you want to know more about it, please check out the "2017, Standing on the Tuyere mechanical Keyboard Notebook" we shared for you in the last issue. TTC 5.3mm thin shaft body is a shaft body designed to be embedded in the PCB board. That is to say, the thickness of the PCB board is also 5.3mm, so what kind of product can be achieved?


Logitech K480 portable smart Bluetooth wireless keyboard


Air World (B.O.W) folding Bluetooth keyboard


BOW HB199 metal charging folding wireless Bluetooth keyboard


Because I don't like to press the words on the screen of the tablet computer, I have bought several tablets with external Bluetooth keyboard. Maybe my hands are too busy with the mechanical keyboard, it is not very refreshing to use, but it is much faster and more convenient than pressing the words on the screen.

If the external keyboard for laptops, tablets, mobile phones equipped with KS30G ultra-thin desktop keyboard axis and notebook ultra-thin axis can be popularized, greatly improve the user experience, I believe this market demand will have great room for improvement. After all, a thing, an industry can quickly thrive, is generally able to help the public solve some pain points or can significantly improve the use experience.

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