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High-tech intelligent manufacturing, industry leader, TTC debut at CES 2017

2017-02-18 09:16

The 50th ANNUAL CES kicked off in Las Vegas on January 5, 2017. As one of the largest, highest level and most influential consumer electronics exhibitions in the world, CES leads the development trend of consumer electronics technology and products in the world, and is the industry vane and the "overpass" of international e-commerce.

The exhibition gathered the most outstanding traditional consumer electronics manufacturers and IT core brands, their advanced technology concepts and products, attracted a large number of high-tech equipment enthusiasts, users and industry visitors. The biggest change at the show is that the giants of the e-sports industry occupy a large share of the show. TTC is the manufacturer of the keyboard and mouse soul. Chairman Yu Zhengming also came to CES and led THE TTC brand to enter the international stage once again with the high quality new products.


"TTC Chairman Yu Zhengming at CES 2017"


TTC, as the leader and leader in the global switch and connector industry, has long been familiar with its computer peripheral products. "THE KING of TTC side keys" and "the best axle body in China" are all evaluated by the majority of users. In 2016, the introduction of German Ice leopard Suora, Mi mechanical keyboard, and the exhibition of thin mechanical shaft Lenovo IdeaPad Y900 high-end game book, let the majority of peripheral enthusiasts have a deeper impression on THE TTC brand, brand image deeply into the hearts of consumers.

At CES 2017, TTC launched a smart watch operation and control solution, the world's first 1000V/500A high-voltage connector for electric vehicles, and the longest life span of the 2 million coil encoder on the Mouse, and other high-tech products. It has created a new height in the field of intelligent wearable, new energy vehicles and switch connectors used in the e-sports game industry.

1, Two million cycle life encoder

E-sports games in order to adapt to the mouse to the requirement of long life use roller encoder, the encoder with golden touch point contact signal, avoid the long time in the process of using the contact oxidation phenomenon, an unprecedented 2 million laps of the life of the mechanical encoder, in order to maximizing the mechanical encoder is applied to the advantage of e-sports game mouse.



2. The world's first 1000V/500A high-voltage connector for electric vehicles

In order to meet the super fast charging demand of electric vehicles and meet the high voltage connection system demand of electric vehicles charging for 15 minutes and driving for 300 kilometers, TTC launched the first 1000V/500A high voltage connector series products at CES 2017, entering the forefront of new energy vehicle industry with strong strength and expanding the new field of TTC products.



3. The first smartwatch operation controller with the smallest volume

The world's first smallest operating controller suitable for ultra-thin smart watches. The crown lever of the watch is directly inserted into the hexagonal hole of the TTC controller to realize the function of watch operation and control.



4, thin mechanical keyboard switch (for gaming laptop)

TTC light-weight mechanical shaft, international patent gold contact structure, high life, its core technology and the difficulty lies in its small size, can cooperate laptop this portable product volume requirements, in addition it feel to be with the original traditional universal shaft of a close relationship, while TTC to conquer the unprecedented difficulties, The volume of the thin mechanical shaft developed is only one third of the original traditional shaft body, but the hand feel is infinitely close to the original one.



"Small components, university questions", has been a low profile TTC, as an international brand posture in the global business stage.

“Emerge Technology Group, LLC CEO RamseyTTC产品给予高度肯定"Emerge Technology Group, LLC CEO Ramsey speaks highly of TTC products"

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