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TTC Dust-proof Three Musketeers help to lose weight

2020-04-01 15:49

In recent years, when many e-sports enthusiasts use the mouse for a long time, they need to raise their hands frequently to operate the mouse. There is an urgent requirement for the mouse to reduce weight, because the lightweight mouse feels more comfortable and not easy to get tired when used for a long time. . Therefore, the hole mouse came to the wind and became the new favorite of the mouse industry. Today, let us introduce and share with you a representative brand of lightweight hole gaming mouse-G-WOLVES HT-M.

G-WOLVES HT-M has a hollow design on the top cover and base, achieving a 62g lightweight body, so how about its internal configuration, let us uncover its true face.

(The picture comes from Guanwei evaluation)

The hole mouse is more worrying about the impact of dust. The hollow design makes the internal structure of the mouse undefended. However, Youlang HT-M is equipped with a barrier on the PCB board position and the upper cover to avoid direct contact between the PCB and dust.

(The picture comes from Guanwei evaluation)

Youlang HT-M uses a TTC gold package: the left and right buttons are equipped with TTC dust-proof gold micro-motion, and the mouse wheel is equipped with a TTC gold wheel encoder, which provides double insurance for this mouse.

(The picture comes from Guanwei evaluation)

In daily use, there are two main sources of switch dust: one is the living environment dust; the other is the debris from the long-term friction between the mouse button column and the jog button. Dust easily enters the micro switch through the active gap of the micro switch and directly affects the stability of the conductive contact, thereby causing the mouse to double-click, double-click, or fail to conduct.

TTC dustproof gold fretting
It is the industry's first dust-proof solution for mouse micro-switches. It adopts a 5-layer dust-proof structure design, which improves the dustproof effect by more than 10 times!

The innovatively designed dust storage pocket and the upper cover form a 5-layer isolation barrier, most of the dust debris is blocked in the space of the dust storage pocket, effectively reducing the occurrence of poor switch conduction caused by dust and improving the player's experience.

At the same time, TTC dust-proof gold micro-movement also has a terminal side-bending type, which can be set for side buttons to improve the reliability of the mouse buttons in all directions.

TTC Golden Wheel Encoder

Stable and reliable, specially designed for e-sports games, with a stable positioning design on the outer circle, it is the first encoder released in the industry with a long life of 2 million cycles.


The TTC golden wheel encoder adopts a structural design in which the outer edge of the base and the gear surface of the rotor are 90° tangent. In addition to preventing dust, the structure is more stable.

TTC dustproof middle key switch
Design a dust storage pocket to collect dust and small debris falling from the gap between the buttons, reduce falling into the electrical contact structure frame, and achieve good electrical conductivity. The TTC dust-proof middle key has 7.35mm/4.3mm/3.5mm Height is available.

TTC Dust-proof Three Musketeers, Helping Cave Rats

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