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Chinajoy | TTC is here!

2019-08-04 16:57

Departing from Huizhou Airport on August 1, I received a Huizhou typhoon warning the night before. Fortunately, Typhoon No. 1 went off the track.
It was still raining in the morning sky in Huizhou, which was also the reason for the excessive flow of planes at the Shanghai exhibition, which caused the flight to be delayed for 2 hours, and finally landed in Shanghai at 2 pm. The sky in Shanghai was blue and sunny, and everything was just fine.
This Chinajoy is the first time that TTC genuine Kedian has had close contact with players. The staff worked overtime to arrange the venue and prepare small gifts for players, hoping to give players a comfortable experience environment and pleasant interaction space.
▲Players are waiting to experience the Ice Leopard VULCAN mechanical keyboard, which is equipped with the Titan axis jointly developed by Ice Leopard and TTC.
▲Players experience the Ice Leopard Vulcan mechanical keyboard at the ITheat booth.
▲The Gaisi chicken handle, GK300 TTC axis mechanical keyboard and mouse on the ITheat booth.
▲TTC provides encoders with the most complete specifications and parameters in the industry. This time, it focuses on showing players the representatives of TTC gaming encoders: TTC golden wheel encoder, TTC silver wheel encoder, and the latest 18 signals and 30 Signal encoder (conventional encoder has 24 signals).
▲This year’s heavy product, the TTC dust-proof gold fretting used for the left and right buttons of the gaming mouse, 5-layer dust-proof structure, 10 times the dustproof effect, greatly reducing the impact of dust, dust on fretting and causing the mouse to double-click, even Click, no conduction, etc.
▲TTC has just been released at the Taipei Computer Show. It feels super smooth. It has been praised by e-sports gamers for the TTC gold red axis and TTC gold tea axis.
▲TTC patented structure, the industry's unique hybrid shaft body, IP57 dustproof and waterproof, and has the traditional mechanical shaft feel.
▲TTC interactive experience area

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