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Computex Taipei 2019, one of TTC's new product releases: dust-proof gold micro switch

2019-06-03 17:12

On May 30, 2019, Beijing time, during the Taipei Computer Show, TTC genuine Kedian held the "TTC 2019 Taipei Meeting" and a new product launch conference at the Courtyard by Marriott Taipei Leo Fook Hotel, and launched the industry's first mouse micro switch protection. Dust solution—TTC dust-proof gold micro-movement helps customers to develop customized IP54 certified dust-proof and waterproof mice.

TTC dust-proof gold micro-movement-unique design and visible effect

Dust and debris can easily enter the switch from the button gap, and TTC’s innovatively designed dust storage pocket and the upper cover form a 5-layer isolation barrier. Most of the dust and debris are blocked in the space of the dust storage pocket, effectively reducing dust causing the switch to conduct Undesirable situations occur and improve the player experience.

The mouse micro-movement dust-proof structure is the first design of TTC Zhengpai Kedian, and has applied for domestic and international patents.

In daily use, there are two main sources of switch dust: one is living environment dust; the other is debris from the friction between the mouse button post and the jog button. Dust easily enters the conductive contact structure inside the micro switch through the movable gap of the micro switch, and then causes the mouse to double click, double click or not conduct.

Ordinary micro switch has no dustproof function. Dust enters and scatters inside the switch from the upper cover. Because the shrapnel is prone to static electricity, the contacts are easily contaminated with dust, which will cause conduction failure. Therefore, no matter what process the contacts are made, poor conduction and unstable conduction caused by dust cannot be prevented.

This is the internal situation of ordinary micro-switches observed in the dustproof experiment of TTC International Laboratory.
Little knowledge of electrostatic adsorption phenomenon
When an object with static electricity is close to another object without static electricity, due to electrostatic induction, the side of the object with no static electricity near the electrostatic object will accumulate the opposite polarity of the charge carried by the charged object (the other side produces the same The number of charges of the same polarity), because the charges of opposite sex attract each other, it will show the phenomenon of "electrostatic adsorption".
For example, a common exhaust fan:

TTC took the lead in successfully developing dust-proof mouse micro-switches. The release of this product largely solved the problem of double-clicking, double-clicking, and non-conduction caused by poor mouse button contact and unstable conduction. The mouse micro-movement dust-proof structure is the first design of TTC Zhengpai Kedian, and has applied for domestic and international patents.

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