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Happiness is not just for a song time--The 2017 "TTC Good Voice" karaoke contest was successfully completed

2017-09-03 11:44

It is extremly hot when “China Good Voice” just came out.


Some colleagues also want to attend “Good Voice”, and then there was TTC Good Voice since from the year before last year.



Every years TTC Good Voice attract a large number of colleague sign up to attend the Karaoke contest. Just like one of them said: Im not very good of singing, I just wanna sing at the stage. There are hundreds of contestants show their singing, and gain lots of applause.


Rightnow, “China Good Voice” has rename for China New Voice, but TTC Good Voiceis always here.

From August 24 to 25, the third TTC Good Voice is held in Guangdong ZhengDing innovation technology park. The competition is divided into line worker and staff group

Nearly 30 colleagues from TTC sign up to attend the Karaoke contest. After the preliminary competition, the final eight were born.

With strict and picky judges, the competition for the final is much more intense, one word and one key can determine the final result. Each contestant carefully selected the most suitable song for their own, and tried to play the best.Finally, for line worker group, Yang Fengshun from the First Business Unit won the third place, Zhu Yanqing from the First Business Unit won the second place, and Zeng Shaomin from the Second Business Unit won the champion.In the staff group, tsang xiangwei from the administration and human resource department won the second place, wang guiqi from the third business department won the second place, and jiang weigang from the third business department won the first place.


It is worth mentioning that in addition to the good singing skills of the contestants, the stage performance also make an impression, bring the house on fire by hot expression and movement frequently. A colleague from the First Business Unit said: "This is an audio-visual feast just like being in a concert!"



TTC continues to carry out all kinds of cultural and recreational activities, which has become an indispensable part of TTC's corporate culture. It not only enriches the amateur life of the majority of employees, but also effectively adjusts the mentality of employees, making the concept of happy work more popular.

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