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There is a kind of basketball called teamwork -- the fourth (2017) TTC Warrior Cup basketball game ending

2017-08-27 10:06

From July 20th to August 10th, the 4th (2017) TTC Warrior Cup basketball game was held in the basketball court of Guangdong Zhengding Innovation and Technology Park.In the end, the defending champion, the First Business Division, won the championship, the functional department and the Fifth Business Division ranked second, and the New Energy Business Division ranked third.The smoke of the basketball court has cleared away, but the games brought us not only wonderful, but also a kind of experience and thinking -- there is a kind of basketball called teamwork.

Key word 1: reversal

In basketball game , the word "comeback" is very common. It refers to a situation in which a losing team comes back from behind to win the game.Reverse change is stirring,and show belief of the team. 



in the opening game of this basketball game, the fifth business division team of functional department faced off against the new energy business division.New energy led 12 points once and just on their pomp.When almost everyone thought that the new energy would win the game, the fifth division said "no". They play hard, catch up the scores step by step,and come from behind. When the final whistle sounded and the fifth division team finally came back to win, some of their players went limp to the floor.In order to win the game, they put all their efforts, how can they not "reverse" for such a team?



Reverse, this is not only the charm of the basketball game, but also the embodiment of the whole team "never abandon, never give up" spirit.



Key word 2: Iron blood

The basketball game is a battlefield without gunsmoke, although not see the sword, but also enough thrilling.Throughout the entire game, players on both sides fight for every ball.In the game between the third division and the first division, the players of both sides strengthened the scramble in the midfield, and the fierce defense from time to time made the attacking team unable to advance to the other side's half, resulting in an 8-second offense violation;And during the fifth division of functional departments against the first division, we can see players fall to the floor from time to time -- players from both sides in order to fight for the basketball, tightly entangled together, both fell to the ground, rolling on the floor, until the referee's whistle sounded, separated the two sides.



The basketplayers have forget themselves in order to win the game , but it just reflects the intensity of sports competition, let us feel iron blood. iron blood”, looks like a very cold word but with rich connotation. Basketball game  is a kind of battlefield, same as in work. The strict and serious attitude to work,when comes to game, it means iron-blooded spirit, a desire and determinationfor victory



Keyword 3: Teamwork

There is a saying on basketball court that "no brothers, no basketball", in fact, it is about importance of teamwork. During basketball game, the team members encouraged each other, high-fived each other when scoring goals, timely made up for the loss of defensive position, always believe in teammates , even if with big score behind, the whole team still played well in attack and defence...... 

All of these show the unity of a team, failure is only temporary, sucessful will come eventually.



Not only on the court,teamwork is also very important for a dept and a company. It relates to team’s success and failure. The performance on the basketball court has become the epitome of the teamwork. A team with forge ahead in unity spirit in daily work has created the reverse, fierce, wonderful and exciting drama of this basketball game.



The fourth TTC Warriors Cup basketball game is over, but some things are destined to continue or manifest in another domain, they are determination to not give up and abandon, spirit of perseverance, temperament of sincerity unity, which will always be there in our work and life.


Third Place - New Energy Business Division

 Second place --the fifth divison of functional dept

Champion--the fist division

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